Parent Communication: Grading

April 13, 2020



Dear CFISD Family,

With the extension of Learning At Home through May 1, 2020, we want to provide you an update on grading for the 3rd and 4th marking periods.   We are committed to support the learning of every student impacted by this situation.  In order to ensure learning gaps are not intensified, CFISD will continue utilizing every resource available to help your child succeed.

Please review the details below regarding the 3rd & 4th Marking Periods:

3rd Marking Period (MP3)

Report cards will be available through the Home Access Center beginning April 20, 2020.

Students who failed Marking Period 3 will have additional opportunities to recover their grade for a maximum of a 70.


4th Marking Period (MP4) Grading Process

No grades were taken for MP4 before April 13, 2020.  Prior to this date (March 23-April 9), students, parents, and teachers have been able to gain familiarity and stability with remote learning options and digital platforms.

Beginning the week of April 13th, teachers will be delivering lessons over selected TEKS in addition to the Learning At Home curriculum.  The lessons will be selected to deepen student learning and facilitate the understanding of challenging concepts.  Teachers will continue to check in with students and provide office hours in order to respond to parent and student needs.


Grading Guidelines Beginning April 13, 2020

PK-1st Grade

  • Teachers will record the weekly completion of selected learning assignments in each content area from the Learning At Home curriculum (curriculum packet or online). 
  • Students will complete 6 selected learning assignments for the 4th marking period in each content area (ELAR, Math, Science, Social Studies).

Grades 2-5

  • Teachers will take one grade per week in each content area from the Learning at Home curriculum (curriculum packet or online) which has been provided.  The grade will be taken from the weekly lesson delivered.
  • Students will receive a weekly grade in each content area (ELAR, Math, Science, Social Studies). 
  • All grades will be weighted equally.

Grades 6-12

  • Teachers will take one grade per week over the teacher delivered lesson.  The weekly lesson will be aligned with the Learning At Home curriculum (curriculum packet or online), Advanced Placement curriculum, or course TEKS.
  • Students will receive a weekly grade per course for the 4th marking period. 
  • All grades will be weighted equally.

Lone Star College Dual Credit Courses

  • Dual Credit courses resume online April 13, 2020.
  • No grades will be taken before April 13, 2020.
  • Grades will be taken in alignment with the course syllabus for Lone Star College.
  • Grades recorded in the CFISD gradebook will follow guidelines provided above for Grades 6-12.

Final Exams

There will be no final exams for the Spring 2020 semester.

Weekly grades during the 4th Marking Period will provide teachers with the opportunity to monitor student progress and understanding of the TEKS.  All Seniors (Class of 2020) in danger of not earning credits for graduation will be academically monitored during the period of remote learning.

We know that nothing can replace in-person instruction and interaction between students and teachers.  While our buildings remain closed and professional staff work remotely, we remain committed to supporting student learning.  We encourage all students to engage daily in the Learning at Home curriculum. 

As always, if you have specific questions about your student’s education, please contact the appropriate staff member on your student’s campus.



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